If you’re interested in learning needle felting, this might be a good starter project. Etsy seller Fairyfolk offers a kit for making your own rainbow felted rocks for $18. Or if you’re not the crafty type but still like these colorful stones, you can purchase a finished set.



The typographic work of Sydney-based paper artist Bianca Chang is really incredible. It’s hard to imagine this was done by hand. If you’re curious about her process, check out her video of the making of the letter A. Incidentally, the letter O that’s shown below was a feature opener in the May 2011 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

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Ross Moody’s screen printed poster of retro radios is really fun. He’s selling 55 limited-edition prints for $14.99.

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Knowhow Shop, a cooperative fabrication shop and design studio in Los Angeles, created this giant comb bike rack for the city of Roanoke as a piece of public art. Pretty incredible, huh? And the craftsmanship of the piece is equally impressive. The comb weighs in at 400 pounds and is “handcrafted out of Mangaris using full mortise and tenon construction, while the hair is made from powder coated steel.”

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The other day, my friend Max Gerber, a Pasadena-based photographer, told me about the amazing work of Marshall Arisman. I was particularly fascinated by Arisman’s “Ayahuasca Series”, which conjures up chaotic visions of animals and manages to be both dark and prismatic at the same time. Mr. Arisman is the chairman of the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay department at S.V.A. in New York and, interestingly enough, he was the first American invited to exhibit his artwork in mainland China. Not too shabby! Check out more of Marshall’s work on his website, and also be sure to visit Max Gerber’s website to see a great portrait (and video) he took of Marshall in 2009.

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Some of you may know that I’m a huge fan of the Des Moines, Iowa-based clothing company RAYGUN. I own a few of their shirts and always get a ton of comments when I wear them. Well their latest design is definitely something I want to get my hands on…“Art: Just Another Get-Poor-Quick Scheme”. Nice work, as always, RAYGUN. Let’s hope one day we can change “poor” to “rich” though…


Vendredimatin is a fun little shop from Belgium that sells a variety of handmade accessories and knick knacks with a hint of nostalgia. One of the 3 creators, Sam (actually there are two Sams) says, “We pride ourselves in delivering original items – des pièces uniques as the French would say. Handmade must-haves, that will make you feel one of a kind.” One of a kind indeed…where else are you going to find a “baby picture of Evel Knievel” that’s been pimped with Posca?! Check out their online store to see more of Vendredimatin’s wonderful creations.


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Those of you that receive the daily design deals from Fab.com probably saw these incredible crocheted animal heads by Nathan Vincent. They’re pretty amazing, huh? Vincent really takes crochet to a new level. I highly recommend checking out his portfolio where you can see more of his work.

If you’re not familiar with Fab.com, it’s a new, invite-only site that offers daily design inspirations and sales 70% off retail. The products they offer for sale are all hand-picked pieces of top-notch design and are available for a short time. Want to become a member of Fab? You can sign up using this invitation link.

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