Isn’t the Fruits Table Lamp, by Tokyo-based S&O Design, a great piece of decor? Seriously, I don’t think I have enough bulbous fruit-shaped lamps in my life…



First thing’s first: I need to apologize for being MIA lately. CMYBacon has been a bit of a ghost town. I recently started a new job that’s taking up a surprising amount of time, plus I’m in grad school, so my “free time” has been stretched very thin. The job is very exciting, though, and I’ll be announcing a really cool app that we’ve been developing soon.

Thank you to those of you who have checked in with me via email or Twitter…I’m still alive. And I plan on jump starting CMYBacon again.

Anyways, on to today’s post: The Wardrope, designed by Veronika Wildgruber and Susanne Stofer, is a really unique storage device. Porcelain hooks mounted on a rope, which can be adjusted by sliding them, form a novel, hanging coat rack. The Wardrope screws into the ceiling (or can be hung from another hook) and has a weight at the bottom of the rope to keep it under tension. Such a fun twist on the traditional coatrack, don’t you think?

Available for purchase from Authentics

I came across these giant, colorful wooden blocks made of reclaimed wood on Filth Wizardry and thought it looked like a neat idea. These would be a unique decoration for a patio (or indoors for that matter), plus it looks like a fun project for kids!


Dublin-based creative agency Boys and Girls has once again made me insanely jealous. You may recall seeing their amazing LEGO boardroom table (check it out if you haven’t). Well the newest addition to their incredible office is this great reception desk.


On one side, the desk rests on giant-size Jenga blocks and on the other it’s suspended by balloons. That’s right…balloons are holding up the desk. But these are no ordinary balloons, mind you. They’re made of a special rubber composite that allows the balloons to be truly air-tight and they’re filled with a Helium/Hydrogen hybrid gas with an atomic weight 150 times lighter than Helium alone.

And if that weren’t enough, the ribbons are reinforced with Carbo-Titanium and secured to the table on an aerospace grade titanium cleat.



Yep, this is one badass desk.

Anatomy, meet interior design. These anatomically upholstered chairs, created by AK-LH, a Paris-based design company, are part of their “Tante Wera” series of armchairs. Sure beats the plain, brown chair from Ikea sitting in my living room.


The Key Plate, designed by 2nd Shift, is a clever redesign of the traditional door frame strike plate. Just replace your current strike plate with the Key Plate and you’ve got a handy little spot to hang your keys or other random knick knacks that you often forget at home.



Visit 2nd Shift’s website for availability and ordering information.

I may not be a kid any more, but dammit I still like balloons (I don’t get balloons on my birthday anymore, which kinda bums me out). Anyways, enough about my sad balloon-free life and onto something more practical, like balloon lights!


These ceiling and wall-mounted balloon lights from Estiluz are absolutely stunning. Granted, you’d need to paint your ceiling a dark color to get the full effect, but I’d say it would be worth it. For more information, visit Estiluz’s site.


(via this isn’t happiness)

There’s something a little creepy about Agustina Woodgates’s rugs, namely that they’re made from the “skins” of stuffed animals. That’s right, Teddy and all of his fuzzy friends. But seriously, these hand-stitched, kaleidoscope-like rugs are truly beautiful, don’t you think?


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