OK seriously, these are awesome. Flickr user Jason Hull takes old plastic film cameras that he finds at thrift stores and flea markets, guts them and converts them into nightlights. Brilliant.

Check out Jason’s Flickr page to see more.



(via Swiss Miss and Junk Culture)

All too often, audio speakers, even high end ones, tend to be pretty ugly. Or if not ugly, they at least tend to clash with the decor of most people’s living rooms. Well Swedish design company People People has created a beautiful speaker that can blend into any living room. Why? Because it’s transparent.

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The Kulma shelf, designed by Martina Carpelan and Hong Ngo, is a clever little piece of minimal decor, the beauty of which is in its simplicity. The L-shaped oak shelf is meant to be mounted in a corner of a room. But the cool part is that it’s interchangeable: it can wrap around an outward-facing corner or it can be nestled into an inward-facing one. Neat idea, huh?



The Beaker Lab Light, made by Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., is made from repurposed chemistry lab stands and beakers, adding a playful twist to any room (even if you’re not a chemist!). I’ve always been fascinated by chemistry equipment (actual chemistry, on the other hand, continues to baffle me), so I won’t lie…I desperately want this lamp!


Buy it for $249.00 from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply

You might say I’ve been pretty into desks lately. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a desk/table made from a vintage door over on ManMade, and while I like to change things up, I couldn’t resist sharing my latest find. Of all the various travel accessories I’ve come across, never before have I seen a portable desk.

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This is a brilliant idea. The Match Tealight holder from Muuto conveniently has a little slot so you can slide a matchstick down to light the candle. No more burnt fingers.


Buy it for 14.90 EUR from Finnish Design Shop.

I just found my new favorite lamp, even if it is neon pink. These wire ghost lampshades from Folly & Glee are a neat, minimal take on traditional lampshades.

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I’m loving this wooden lamp from Blumen that looks like a modern lantern.