I’m a bit of a data visualization and infographic junkie, so I visit quite a few data viz blogs on a regular basis. I decided to compile a list of my 12 favorite sites to share with everyone, and hopefully some CMYBacon readers will tip me off to some new ones too. This list is mostly made up of blogs, but there are a few non-blogs in the mix too. So without further ado, here are my favorites:

1. Information Aesthetics


2. GOOD: Infographics

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The political climate in American can be pretty ugly at times, but luckily there are people like Phoenix-based designer Safwat Saleem who can point out some of the foolishness. A Bunch of Crock is Safwat’s recent exhibition of provocative and satirical posters that combine vintage imagery with colorful language to expose the absurdities of political campaigns and xenophobia in the US. Below are a few of my favorites. Check out ABunchofCrock.com to learn more about the exhibition and view additional posters.

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Any Pink Floyd fan should appreciate this cool poster by Dale Murray. Shine on you crazy diamond!


As an urbanite whose primary source of transportation is the subway, I really love these maps of rivers by cartographer Daniel Huffman that are drawn to look like subway maps (for those of you not familiar with subway maps, take a look at this map of the NYC subway system). If you want to see more of Daniel’s river maps check out somethingaboutmaps.

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This infographic by Joe Stone outlines all the mating and dating habits of the various characters in X-Men. I’ll be honest, I probably fall into the “confused category” but I still think this is pretty cool. Check out the full size image to get a better look at this mutant family tree.


UK-based design firm acrylicize created this great light-based installation to spice up the lobby of Engine’s headquarters in London. The wall is made up of a mosaic of protruding acrylic boxes that are fitted with color changing lights. Definitely one of the coolest lobbies I’ve ever come across! Check out the video at the end of this post to see the Light Wall in its full glory.

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Toronto-based designer Ibraheem Youssef created this great poster depicting the top 100 videos on YouTube in icon form.

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