French artist Armelle Caron takes maps of cities and reorganizes the individual blocks into ordered rows. The process transforms a chaotic city into a unrecognizable, but systematic assemblage of shapes. I’ll be honest, the sizes of the images below don’t do the designs justice. Check out Armelle’s website to see larger versions of even more cities, or click on the city names below to see the full size images.


Tor Weeks created this great poster for ArtCrank SF.

bikes_of_san_francisco-1.jpg Arrow

This fruit inspired wrapping paper by Swedish design firm Happy F&B may just be the greatest innovation in gift giving since curling ribbon with scissors. And, get this, rumor has it that it’s printed with scented ink. Whoa…I know.

fruit_wrapping_paper-1.jpg Arrow

Here are some neat images from Kyle Tezak’s ongoing project called The Four Icon Challenge. The “challenge” is for him to capture the essence of his favorite movies, books, etc. with only four icons. Not that I don’t like classic works of literature, but I love the icons he did for The Big Lebowski. The rug really ties the image together.

lebowski-v1.png Arrow

I’m loving this minimalist guitar poster by Manual Creative that’s available for purchase on Edit.

Viktor Hertz, who some of you might recognize as the creator of the Coffee & Cigarettes ampersand poster, designed this cheerful, yet eery, poster for the movie Fargo.

Fargo Poster by Viktor Hertz

The television series Dexter has developed quite a cult following recently. While I’m not as obsessed with it as some people, I still really like this guide to Dexter’s knives by Brazilian graphic designer Guilherme Henrique. Click on the image below to see it full size…

Guide To Dexter's Knives

Many inventions aren’t given the credit they deserve due to their simplicity. The key ring is a prime example. But let’s face it…whoever it was that was thinking outside the box one day and said “Huh, why don’t we attach all our keys to a metal ring?” was a genius. And then along comes the Keybrid: a key with the ring built into the key! How cool is that? Blank keys can be purchased directly from Keybrid for under $10.