Many of you may know that I’m a big fan of subway maps (I’m a geek, I know). So I couldn’t help but share this great subway-inspired map of U.S. interstates by designer Cameron Booth.

(Thank you, Derek, for the tip!)

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All too often, audio speakers, even high end ones, tend to be pretty ugly. Or if not ugly, they at least tend to clash with the decor of most people’s living rooms. Well Swedish design company People People has created a beautiful speaker that can blend into any living room. Why? Because it’s transparent.

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The tents may have been cleared out of Zuccotti Park and encampments in other cities, but Occupy Wall Street fever is still alive and well. One thing that’s impressed me since the beginning of the movement has been the outpouring of creative energy by the people involved in it.

The Occupy Poster Project is yet another example of what happens when creative folks all rally around a single cause.  The project is a collection of screenprinted OWS posters from a variety of world-class designers. All the materials have been donated by The Half and Half, and 25% of all sales are donated to the Occupy Wall Street Organization.

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Coni Della Vedova’s playful typographic screen prints really intrigued me. Her clever designs are simple but iconic, with a humorous twist. My personal favorite is a tie between AEI Love U and We Are a Team.

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“Art supplies”.

Are you excited yet? Because hearing those 2 words psychs me up like a kid in a candy store. I could spend hours poring over sketchbooks, markers, paints, pencils and those bendy wooden guys that were supposed to teach you about anatomy. But seriously, my 3 favorite things in art supply stores are pens, rulers and hobby knifes (why hobby knives? I really have no clue. I just love them.)

I came across the PHX-1 on Kickstarter last night and I instantly knew that this little baby was made specifically for me. The exquisite, stainless steel artists tool is both houses pen cartridge refills on one end (Hi-Tec-C and Signo DX refills) and a hobby knife on the other, with threaded caps on either end (Wow, an X-acto with a decent cap for once!). And it comes in sustainable bamboo case that incorporates a metal designer’s ruler as the lid.

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The holidays are quickly approaching and that means it’s time to get in “giving spirit”. And what’s a better thing to give to someone in need than blood?

These stocking-shaped blood donation bags designed by Lee Ki Seung are such a great idea. Who would have guessed a urethane container that holds human blood could be so festive?

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Let me start off by apologizing, because, if you’re like me, you’re going to have the song “Rubber ducky, you’re the one” in your head for the rest of the day. Anyhow, on to the goods.


Hylnur Atalson created this modern rubber ducky for Kontextür, and although I don’t see it for sale yet on their site, it’s one helluva ducky don’t you think?


(via Design Milk)

There are very few movies that Bill Murray has starred in that I have not liked. Seriously, I love that guy. DKNG Studios (Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman), created this awesome poster as an homage to the illustrious career of this Hollywood great in which each one of Murray’s movies is depicted in icon form.

The image below obviously does not do this poster justice, so I recommend checking out the full size image or looking at the post on DKNG’s blog, which shows more detailed images.

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