8teesix is a brand new online t-shirt store offering graphic and simple typographic shirts. The cleverly named shop currently has 4 different tees for sale, but I’m particularly enamored with the Work In Progress design.

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I am utterly smitten with these beautiful screen prints by Michigan-based designer Alisa Bobzien. The only thing that makes me feel uneasy is trying to choose my favorite. I want them all!

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If you haven’t seen the movie Trainspotting (or read the novel), then these prints might not make a lot of sense, but I’ll do my best to fill in the gaps: Essentially, it’s a film about a heroin addict in Edinburgh who tries to get clean. The movie begins with this iconic quote from the main character, Mark Renton, who “chose not to choose life” and instead chooses heroin.

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The ever-clever Mikey Burton has come up with a fun idea that I just may try out. He was asked to participate in the “Designer Challenge” for the October issue of Computer Arts Projects and was tasked to put a new spin on traditional business cards. So his idea was to pare down a card to the absolute essentials: name, website and possibly a stylized bear illustration, and print it in a unique way.

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I just found my new favorite lamp, even if it is neon pink. These wire ghost lampshades from Folly & Glee are a neat, minimal take on traditional lampshades.

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Finally, I have figured out why I don’t like ironing! It’s gotta be because my ironing board is as exciting as reading the phone book. What I really need is one of these snazzy ironing boards by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye.

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I’ve concluded that my life is not yet complete, and that’s because I don’t have a cool set of wooden blocks. If you ask me, blocks have gotten a bad rap. People assume they’re just a kids toy, but the fact is blocks are a fun way to avoid work and improve your motor skills, which have been rapidly deteriorating ever since you switched from orange juice to bourbon at breakfast. Plus, they’re a unique decoration for the home or office.

Here are my 5 favorite sets of unique, designy blocks:

1. ShapeMaker blocks from Miller Goodman


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I’m geeking out over Wisconsin-based designer Ty Lettau’s 8-bit video game model kits based on Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

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