The Lace Vase is an ingenious creation from Milk Design that allows you to breathe new life into plastic bottles and glass containers that might otherwise wind up in the trash. It’s an hour glass-shaped piece of lacy rubber that fits onto a variety of containers, transforming them into an elegant vase.

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Boston-based JHill Design has created this wonderful series of prints showcasing iconic landmarks in Boston, NYC, San Francisco and Washington, DC. I, of course, am particularly enamored by the New York print, but I’m probably biased. The posters, which are digitally printed on heavy watercolor paper, are available in two sizes: 16″ x 20″ ($70) and 11″ x 14″ ($40). Maybe if we get enough votes we can convince JHill to add another city to the series. What city/landmark would you like to see?

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I totally agree with Kelly at Design Crush that birds get the best houses. Just look at these funky, modern birdhouses designed by Nathan Danials of burd-haus. The last one even has a pool! Check out the burd-haus shop on Etsy to see more.

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These propaganda-style social media posters by Aaron Wood are really neat. All of the posters can be purchased from Justonescarf, Aaron’s Etsy shop. I can’t decide which one is my favorite…it’s a tie between the fail whale and Facebook farm one. What’s your favorite?

Hat tip to Jessica Martin for telling me about these cool posters.

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Thomas Yang, a creative director/designer based in Singapore, combined his love of bicycles and art into a series of posters and t-shirts called 100copies. All of the designs are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies, so get one while you still can! Visit the 100copies website to learn more and purchase prints/shirts.

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AUTUM, the innovative design company that made the coffin couch and the Zeitgeist wallet, just released their latest creation: the Epitaph cruiser. The seat, grips and frame inserts on this unique bike are all hand crafted from aged leather, giving it a luxurious, retro feel.


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When was the last time you sported a temporary tattoo? For me, it was the early-90′s and my tat was a totally radical dragon that I wisely put on my face. When you’re 10, that’s fine but I like to think I have a little more class than that now. Well the world of temporary tattoos is getting an upgrade because today is the official launch of Tattly, a temporary tattoo store for design-minded kids and kids-at-heart.

Tattly is the brainchild of swissmiss and all of the tattoo designs are created by all-star designers like Jessica Hische and Frank Chimero (so you won’t be seeing dragons or tribal designs). Here are a few of the temporary tattoos that are currently available (I ordered Color Burst and Type Nerd…but I regret that I didn’t order the knuckle tattoos as well).

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