The N-spired Story is a really unique project that’s unlike anything I’ve come across before. In a nutshell, here’s how it works: People submit a story to N-spired and each month users vote for the best one (the term “story” is used loosely here…it can be a personal experience, photo, a story from the news, or basically anything that’s interesting and inspiring). The winning story is then given to an artist who designs a cool t-shirt based on the story.


The shirt is sold for 10 days and a portion of the proceeds are used to fund a socially-conscious act that’s related to the story. Each story and it’s related design and social art is a “chapter” in the N-spired story and after 9 chapters are complete, they will create an actual book. Additionally, using a special augmented reality app, you can take a picture of any of the t-shirts and learn more about the story. Watch the video at the end of this post or visit N-spired’s website to learn more and join the story.

Seth Deysach, the Chicago-based furniture designer behind Lagomorph Design, built this incredible bicycle out of wood (black walnut, to be precise). The uniqueness of the bike is accentuated by the sharp angles of the minimalist frame, which is adorned simply with a rabbit (Lagamorph’s logo). While it may not be as strong or light-weight as its carbon fiber cousins, it certainly wins the yellow jersey in the aesthetics division.

lagomorph_wooden_bike-1.jpg Arrow

I don’t know why, but I am kind of obsessed with unique business cards. The latest card I’ve been geeking out over is by Seattle-based illustrator Matthew Hollister, which he designed to resemble a King County Metro transfer pass.


(via Flickr)

So this is the second time I’ve written about a clever project by Rethink, the Toronto-based ad agency. But seriously, these folks come up with some cool things. This isn’t exactly new, but I hadn’t seen it before so I figured it was worth posting. To promote ICOGRADA’s Design Week 2010 conference in Vancouver, Rethink created this animation by designing over 2,200 custom “bills” and feeding them through a money counter. It’s the flip book of the future! You can watch the video of their animation at the end of this post.


I know I’ve said it before, but I never use a calendar other than the one on my iPhone and Mac. Nevertheless, I think that’s about to change. Curiosity, a creative marketing agency in Portland, has a 3-D paper calendar of the month club that allows you to download a new pattern each month to keep you on schedule and make your coworkers jealous. Best of all, the paper toy patterns are free! You can download them from Curiosity’s website or sign up to receive them via email.

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I’m loving these UNESCO City of Design posters by Montreal-based graphic design studio FEED. The bright colors, layered imagery and patterns are right up my alley.



I love this 3-color “How To: Screen Print” poster that’s a collaboration between The How To Project and Get A Grip. It makes the process look so easy…


(Via Design Crush)

There’s something about neon colors that just makes me…happy. The Hungry Workshop created these neon ‘Aim True’ letterpress sketchbooks and targets for Raleigh Paper to be given away at The Mohawk Show. I want one!

aim_true-1.jpg Arrow