Rethink created these posters for Dogwood Initiative as part of their No Tankers campaign, which raises awareness and works towards banning oil tankers from Canada’s Pacific north coast. The posters were printed with environmentally-friendly, water-soluble ink that washed away in the rain to reveal the words “Oil Spills Affect Everyone”. Check out the video at the end of this post to see the posters “in action” on the streets of Vancouver.
(Thanks to Ian Langehough for sending me this video!)

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Kudos to Joseph Parra for taking an unconventional approach to his business cards by making them look like vintage luggage tags.


(Via Lovely Stationery)

I am absolutely loving these Arrested Development posters designed by Sarah Schiesser and Kirk Steineck, especially the Tobias/Blue Man Group one.

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My latest obsession is this tiny outdoor study designed by William S. Stone. How fun would it be to have one of these set up in the woods as a place to do your reading, writing and arithmetic?


Listen up, designers: Here’s a great little handbook that looks like an invaluable resource. The Media Collective created A Print Handbook for Designers, which is essentially a visual field guide to print. It covers everything from DPI to paper sizes to how colors will print on different paper stocks. Sure, some of the topics are common knowledge for many graphic designers, but it’s great that all of this information is available in a single, short handbook. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on a copy this.

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Spencer Bigum integrates pop culture icons into his reimagined packages for Duracell batteries. Very cool. Check out Spencer’s Behance page to see more of his work.

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Next time I make dinner plans I want to give my date one of these Get Together Cards by Kathryn Whyte. Buy a set of 8 from Kathryn’s Etsy store.


Brown paper bags have never looked so good. Ilvy Jacobs, the maker of these folding beauties, has actually designed a whole series of modern paper bags. I really wish I could end this post by saying “Coming soon to a supermarket near you” but I’m guessing most of us will be stuck carrying our groceries in plain old brown bags for quite a while.



(Via Textile Arts Center)