Ok, I realize many people aren’t particularly excited by insects, but even if you are a bit squeamish you have to admit that this beetle poster by Stacks is pretty neat.

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It doesn’t get any more meta than this. Ivan Cash created this neat infographic about trends in infographics based on 49 infographics from GOOD. Click on the images below to see them full size.



These posters by Jan Skácelík remind me of my childhood. My mother had a number of Cathrineholm enamelware pieces in our kitchen. So, Mom, please try to act surprised if you receive one of these from me on your birthday…

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A subway on Cape Cod? And in the Hamptons? That would be quite a surprise. But try not to get too excited, these subway maps aren’t real. Transit Authority Figures, the makers of these cool maps, has created a whole series of fictional subway posters for nine different cities/regions. Check out their site to see more or to purchase a poster.

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These hand-pulled Keep Calm and Carry Yarn screen prints by Jennie Glaser, a Brooklyn-based designer and knitting enthusiast, are a crafty twist on the iconic Keep Calm and Carry On poster that was created by the British government at the beginning of World War II (Interestingly enough, the poster was never used until it was rediscovered in 2000 and became a cult hit. For more info, check out the Wikipedia entry on the Keep Calm poster). Take a look at Jennie’s Esty shop to purchase one of her cool posters and let everyone know how you keep your cool.



Dirk and Carol Fowler (a.k.a. F2-Design) are pretty much the king and queen of concert posters. The Texas-based duo has over 160 stunning gig posters in their portfolio, including this minimal letterpress print for a Willie Nelson concert in 2008. They do sell their concert posters on their site, but unfortunately this one is sold out (I’m not surprised). However the die-hard Willie Nelson fan can still buy it from Lone Star Posters ($100).


(Via Buamai)

I’m loving this simple, but fun, basket by ZPStudio that’s made out of PVC hose and colored zip ties.




Creating designs depicting mental disorders can be a touchy endeavor, but I believe that British designer Patrick Smith (aka Graphic Patrick) did a nice job with his project. The OCD poster is my favorite. Be sure to check out Patrick’s great blog, Adapt, too.

Thank you to Max for telling me about these posters!

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