This print by Rob Reynolds is applicable to anyone who lives in the world: Note to Self: Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind.


Buy it for $100

I need to get myself a set of these Dress for Dinner necktie napkins. Brilliant idea, don’t you think?


Pick up a package from for $5.95.

This Canned Air from Paris, created by Kirill Rudenko, cracks me up. My favorite part is the contents list (see the 3rd image)! Pick up your own can of Parisian air at Kirill’s Etsy shop.

Burger King Netherlands has created one of the coolest ads I’ve seen in quite a while. I love how detailed the cheeseburger-inspired eye makeup on this woman is…it’s even got sesame seeds on the bun!


(via The Five)

How incredibly amazing is this pancake quilt made by Ros Cross?! The delicious quilt features pancakes topped with butter and syrup and has a bacon rug to go with it. I think I need to get one of these, pronto.

Hat tip to Anne for sending me this link!


(via The Art of the Quilt)

If bacon means more to you than your first born, then this Personal Bacon Tracker poster by Flummox Industries is for you. I love the title: “The Bacon Institute for Bacon”. Ha.

Hat tip to Design Milk for telling me about this.



After I came across the knitting pattern for these “Fightin’ Words” fingerless gloves by Annie Watts, I’ve decided that I should really learn how to knit. Seriously, how fun are these? Spring has sprung here in NYC, so it’s not exactly mitten weather, but still, I think I need to make a pair of these.



(via Kelly Beall on Pinterest)

Ever feel like the internet is inundated with hand printed posters extolling some sort of witty life-altering maxim? Yeah, me too. Well then this poster by Isle of Printing was made just for you: A Pithy Phrase Carefully Printed on Archival Paper. Oh and in case you were wondering, it is printed on archival paper. Pick up this clever poster on Isle of Printing’s Etsy shop for $20.