A fun little animation of pixelated cameras by Antonio Vicentini and Billy Brown. Play the video at the end of the post!




I’m often in need of a good reality check. And when I think about where things come from (food, products, etc.), that usually does it for me. This minimally animated video by Hardy Seiler wonderfully makes you question our state of consumption and how disconnected we are with where things, particularly foods, come from.

I recently came across the portfolio of Lan Truong and instantly fell in love with her simple, linear style. I’m no longer in an art director role, but if I were, I would definitely seek this budding illustrator out for my next project. Check out more of Lan’s work on her website.


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This letterpress print by Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson, titled Forever Friend, is so fun. I just love the mid-century style colors and the happy imagery. Figure this is a good way to start out the week. Happy Monday.


(via Etsy)

I just love this simple illustration by Russell Weekes called Draw Blood. It would make a great tee, don’t you think?


(via this isn’t happiness and Début Art)

Some of you may remember me saying that I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad. Well I was really excited when I came across this series of Breaking Bad paper dolls made by Jackson, Mississippi-based illustrator Kyle Hilton. The little accessories that come with each “doll” are what make these great…so many little references to somewhat esoteric moments from the show.

And if you like these (or if you’re not into Breaking Bad), then I suggest checking out Kyle’s website. He’s made paper dolls for a whole bunch of other popular shows (Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, and more…)

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How cool is this illustrated skateboard (skatebeard?) deck by Mr. Bingo?!  He’s got a lot of great illustrations in his portfolio. Definitely worth checking out!




Ok, so there are exceptions, but generally speaking, I completely agree with this illustration by Viktor Hertz: most 3D flicks are just a dressed up version of a steaming pile of terrible movie. I like to imagine that movie execs are sitting around saying, “Well, the movie sucks. There’s no doubt about it. But if we make it 3D, people might not notice!”


Illustration by Viktor Hertz  (via Flickr)