This canvas tote bag that looks like a Lego guy’s head is so great. It’s so simple, but so iconic. I can imagine a cool t-shirt with this design too.

Pick up one of these tote bags from Mark Errington’s Etsy shop for $18.50.


How cool is this floating mug by Tigere Chiriga? Back Chiriga’s Kickstarter project and you’ll get it for a pledge of $30 or more (this Kickstarter only needs to raise about $2k to reach it’s funding goal and there are 29 days left…I think it’s safe to say this will get funded).


First thing’s first: I need to apologize for being MIA lately. CMYBacon has been a bit of a ghost town. I recently started a new job that’s taking up a surprising amount of time, plus I’m in grad school, so my “free time” has been stretched very thin. The job is very exciting, though, and I’ll be announcing a really cool app that we’ve been developing soon.

Thank you to those of you who have checked in with me via email or Twitter…I’m still alive. And I plan on jump starting CMYBacon again.

Anyways, on to today’s post: The Wardrope, designed by Veronika Wildgruber and Susanne Stofer, is a really unique storage device. Porcelain hooks mounted on a rope, which can be adjusted by sliding them, form a novel, hanging coat rack. The Wardrope screws into the ceiling (or can be hung from another hook) and has a weight at the bottom of the rope to keep it under tension. Such a fun twist on the traditional coatrack, don’t you think?

Available for purchase from Authentics

I recently came across the Lau’s Ark, the Etsy shop of Laura den Otter, and I’m loving her funky, stylized stuffed animals. I would have traded one my teddy bears in a heartbeat for this little dog! Visit Lau’s Ark to see more stuffed animals or to make a purchase.

Dan the Dog


Gully the Goose


Lizzy the Elephant

Thank you, Fredrik, for telling me about Lau’s Ark!

This set of soaps by Daniel Ting Chong, shaped like a cleaver, a paintbrush and an ice cream cone are so quirky and fun. The paintbrush has a lemon scent, the cleaver is peppermint and the ice cream is a combination of the two. They don’t look very practical but they sure are great.

It’s that time of the week again: Time to share some of the cool things I saw on Etsy in the past 7-ish days. Enjoy!

Vintage Bowling League Patches from Chris Ferebee – $5


Bow and Arrow Necklace by Kaye Blegvad – $68


Reclaimed Wood Chair by TheWoodCaboodle – $102


Ceramic Architecture Set by Laurie Poast – €200


C-Clamp Coat Rack by G.B. Berry – $87

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Etsy Finds of the Week. Also, I’ve typically done them on Fridays, but I decided to start out this week with some cool finds from over the weekend. Enjoy.

Great Lakes papercut by Marnie Karger  -  $40


Crochet Lego Baby Blanket by Andrea Baker   -  $100


Lawn chair re-webbed with vintage Western belts by kikithespunkymunky  -  $250


Faux Leather Triangle Necklace by Ching  -  $26


Continental (Book) Shelf print by Mike and Karen Arms  -  $30


Camp t-shirt by garbella  -  $24

Ok, so this might not be the most practical iPhone case around, but it sure is cool. The Candies Skate Deck iPhone Case are 100% (squishy!) and can be purchased for $45 from Opening Ceremony.