I’m crazy for fun graphic t-shirts. And I’m nuts for Sriracha. So…yeah, I need this tee!

Available for purchase from I Heart Analogue’s Etsy shop (Note: I Heart Analogue is on vacation until May 26th, so their shop will be closed until then).


I’ve written about Iowa-based snarky t-shirt company, RAYGUN before on CMYBacon. In fact I own any number of their shirts. Well, they’ve done it again: They managed to come up with another topical tee so awesome that I just couldn’t resist posting it. Best part of this, is that I actually did find it on Pinterest. Keep up the good work, RAYGUN!


Buy it for $19

After I came across the knitting pattern for these “Fightin’ Words” fingerless gloves by Annie Watts, I’ve decided that I should really learn how to knit. Seriously, how fun are these? Spring has sprung here in NYC, so it’s not exactly mitten weather, but still, I think I need to make a pair of these.



(via Kelly Beall on Pinterest)

As a proud Midwesterner transplanted to the East Coast, I totally want to get this simple Mid-West tee by The Made Shop to show my pride for my homeland.


Buy it for $18.00

This Obama 2012 t-shirt, screen printed by Print Liberation, seems like the antithesis of typical presidential campaign tees. And that’s why I desperately want one. Available for purchase from the Print Liberation Store for $19.


If the name in the title of this post sounds familiar, that’s because Norma Refsal is my mom. Forgive my nepotism, but I truly believe she’s made some stunning jewelry. She’s been working with enamel quite a bit recently and I thought that this necklace, inspired by the Google Maps location marker, was particularly clever! This piece, as well as a few others, are for sale on Norma’s Etsy shop. There aren’t a ton of pieces available currently, but there will be more coming soon (hint, hint Mom…).


Buy it on Etsy for $45 Sold!

I’ll admit, I’m not as cat-obsessed as some interneters are. But this t-shirt from Etsy seller Austin Tinius, a.k.a Burger and Friends, made me laugh.


Buy it for $24 (via Etsy)

I’m a sucker for ampersands, but even is you don’t have a soft spot for the my favorite logogram you gotta admit that this t-shirt designed by Chris Sandlin, a.k.a. SockMonkee, is pretty awesome.


Buy it for $18.00.