Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the U.S., which means that the air will be ripe with the smell of sulfur from fireworks and sparklers. I’m bummed that the holiday falls in the middle of the week this year but that’s the way it goes. To celebrate the upcoming holiday, I decided to share some vintage sparkler packages I found on Etsy. I am a sucker for vintage packaging, what can I say?


Vintage Sparklers from NBDG/Etsy – $20


3 Boxes of Vintage Sparklers from History Cellar/Etsy – $30

So I’m pretty excited for Ridley Scott’s new movie, Prometheus, which comes out on June 8. I guess I don’t typically get so excited for most sci-fi movies, but this one has me hooked already. Those of you who are as excited as me for Prometheus will surely get a kick out of this vintage B-movie style poster for the movie created by Cucaracha Borracha.


When I went home to Iowa for Christmas, I came across this set of antique wooden game pieces. I’m not sure what game they were for but I just thought that the little pieces, as a set, were really neat so I decided to share them here.


This vintage LEGO advertisement has been making the rounds lately but I couldn’t resist sharing it here too. It’s refreshing to see an ad that’s aimed at young girls in this way (no pink, glitter or princess paraphernalia) , but unfortunate that we haven’t seen this sort of thing in decades. The smile on this little girl’s face just makes me so happy…


I’ve had a bit of free time on my hands the past few days…I should be catching up on everything I’ve gotten behind on before the holidays but I’d rather play. Yesterday I spent much of the day refurbishing these old pocketknives that I found. I wish I’d taken a “before” picture because, trust me, they were rusty and nasty looking but I didn’t. Regardless of my lack of foresight, here’s the “after” picture.


OK seriously, these are awesome. Flickr user Jason Hull takes old plastic film cameras that he finds at thrift stores and flea markets, guts them and converts them into nightlights. Brilliant.

Check out Jason’s Flickr page to see more.



(via Swiss Miss and Junk Culture)

Los Angeles-based electrician and artist Devin Ward breathes new life into eclectic, vintage radios, making them compatible with their modern day descendants: MP3 plays and iPhones.

He removes all of the outdated circuitry, wiring and speakers from the radios and replaces them with high quality, modern components, as well an 1/8th” audio input jack so an iPhone can connected to it. I love to see when people rescue gadgetry of yesteryear and bridge the gap between “modern” and “vintage” so elegantly.

devin_ward_radio-1.jpg Arrow

I’m really intrigued by this set of 230 vintage medicine bottle labels that I came across on Etsy last night. I have a real affinity for ephemera and this set is no exception.

vintage_medicine-1.jpg Arrow