I have some really exciting news to share with everyone! Wired.com has launched a design blog, Wired Design, and I have been asked to write for it! Needless to say, I’m pretty excited. And there are some big fish in that pond (Caterina Fake, Christopher Jobson, Chris Anderson, etc.) that make this little fish proud to be writing alongside them.

So head on over to Wired Design and start reading!

I just started a CMYBacon Flickr group! This will serve as a place for CMYB readers to share photos of the awesome work that they do or neat things they come across in the world. I’ll be hand-picking things from the pool to be featured on CMYBacon. I would love it if lots of people start sharing their work here, then I can do a weekly roundup of all the best things! So head over to Flickr and join the group!


I’ve written about Iowa-based snarky t-shirt company, RAYGUN before on CMYBacon. In fact I own any number of their shirts. Well, they’ve done it again: They managed to come up with another topical tee so awesome that I just couldn’t resist posting it. Best part of this, is that I actually did find it on Pinterest. Keep up the good work, RAYGUN!


Buy it for $19

As many of you may know, I regularly write for the blog ManMade. Well I contributed a post there the other day that I decided to share with CMYBacon readers. As anyone that’s on Pinterest knows, there’s one thing that seems to be missing from the site: men. I’ve heard that Pinterest users are 70-80% female. So, I hunted down 20 men on Pinterest with good taste and compiled a handy dandy roundup of guys to follow. Visit ManMade to see the 20 men you should be following on Pinterest.

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How many times have you received an email from someone with a link to some viral video that you saw years ago? “OMG you need to watch this video of a sneezing baby panda I found on the YouTubes! LOL!!!!!”

Yeah…I’ve seen it. 100 times. Two years ago.

But how can you really tell if a link you’re about to send to all your friends is old news to everyone on the planet except you? With the help of a website called Is It Old?, that’s how.

Plug in the link you’re about to send and you’ll be told whether or not the link is old or not.


So how does The Sneezing Baby Panda fair? You’re quickly told:

“ABORT. I don’t even know if computers can run this anymore. It has been tweeted 10,259 times already, and the first time was 802 days ago.”


A little harsh, but at least you won’t make a fool of yourself by letting the world know that the rock you live under doesn’t have an internet connection.


Cheese or Font is a funny little game that my friend Amy tipped me off to. The premise is simple: You’re given a name and you have to decide whether it’s a type of cheese or a font. Try it out. It’s pretty entertaining.


I have some exciting news to share: As of yesterday, I am the newest (the first, actually) regular contributor at ManMade. If you’re not familiar with ManMade, I highly recommend you check it out. Not just because I’ll be writing there, but because it’s an awesome blog.


ManMade was created by Chris Gardner, who is also the Editor in Chief of Curbly, as an “opportunity to explore the emerging independent craft movement through the lens of the postmodern male.” The site features original how-to projects, videos and design inspiration. But don’t let the manly description scare you off, ladies. ManMade is a great blog that everyone can enjoy.


Finally, if you’re so inclined, you can read the post that Chris wrote yesterday, introducing me to the ManMade community.

Beautiful Swear Words is a new Tumblr blog by Theo Olesen that’s a celebration of typography and cursing. Each day he draws a new swear word by hand to add to the collection. Visit this irreverent blog right now, damn it!


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