Ok, so there are exceptions, but generally speaking, I completely agree with this illustration by Viktor Hertz: most 3D flicks are just a dressed up version of a steaming pile of terrible movie. I like to imagine that movie execs are sitting around saying, “Well, the movie sucks. There’s no doubt about it. But if we make it 3D, people might not notice!”


Illustration by Viktor Hertz  (via Flickr)

Here’s yet another example of why I love Twitter: Last week I tried coconut water for the first time and instantly loved it. So what did I do? I pulled out my phone and tweeted that I’d “just lost my coconut water virginity”. The next day, Karen Kurycki (a.k.a. CMYKaren, the long lost sister of CMYBacon) posted an illustrated version of my tweet on her site, Absurd Overheard, which is an illustrated collection of absurd/funny/silly statements overheard. I encourage you to check out Absurd Overheard to see more of Karen’s illustrated statements. Seriously, she’s got some real zingers.


So this is a really unique idea. I came across Olly, the web-connected smelly robot, on Kickstarter yesterday…I’ve really never seen anything like it before. I’m not completely sold on it, as it seems like a bit of a novelty, but I’ll admit it’s a neat concept.


Here’s the gist of how Olly works: You first put an essential oil, perfume, bacon grease, or whatever you want into a little tray (below). Then, after configuring the device, it will emit that scent whenever you get a pre-determined notification from a social network like Facebook or Twitter. Image it like this, you’re sitting in your living room and suddenly you start smelling bacon. Delicious. But it’s also an indication that your significant other just sent you a message on FB, for example.


Olly was created by Benjamin Redford, a designer at Mint Digital in London. To learn more about this project, check out Olly on Kickstarter.

There’s something a little creepy about Agustina Woodgates’s rugs, namely that they’re made from the “skins” of stuffed animals. That’s right, Teddy and all of his fuzzy friends. But seriously, these hand-stitched, kaleidoscope-like rugs are truly beautiful, don’t you think?


agustina_woodgate-2.jpg Arrow

If I ever have a baby, the little rugrat will definitely be receiving a few of these typographic teething toys made by Little Alouette. The 5.25″ letters are made of locally sourced hardwoods and, if not left unfinished, are finished with organic flax seed oil. Bottom line: it’s never too early to introduce kids to typography!


Buy it for $20 at Little Alouette.

(Thank you, Amy!)

For some reason I just feel classy using salt and pepper mills instead of shakers. Even if I’m seasoning something like macaroni and cheese, using a mill makes even the most low brow foods feel a bit more upscale. But I like to have a little whimsy in my life too, which is why I love these pencil salt and pepper mills designed by Frank Kerdil.



Buy this 2 piece set for £42.00 from Panik.

Pigeons are gross. Don’t get me wrong, I like birds, but having lived in New York City for 5 years I have seen more than enough of these creatures to know that they’re the last thing I should touch. This pigeon, created by Various Projects, however, is one that I would love to play with. Heck, I’d even let this guy sleep in my bed with me. The funky-looking pigeon is hand-knit from alpaca wool and can be purchased from Project No. 8 for $60.



Infographics are great, but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to see a different one on every single blog and news site you visit. It may even be enough to make you lose it one day and yell “F#&k your infographic!”. Well if you’re ever feeling that way just take a deep breath, check out this great design by Abe Garcia, and have a good laugh.

eff-your-infographic.jpg Arrow