Isn’t this Pac-Man ukulele great? Paul Celentano (Celentano Woodworks), the creator of this gem, has a created many other unique and funny instruments that can be ordered from his Etsy shop.

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Beth Ann Magnuson, an artist from Bishop Hill, Illinois, turns delicate eggs into intricately carved masterpieces that she calls Victorian Lace Eggs. The video at the end of this post shows her process, which is really quite incredible. The eggs are carved with a high-speed engraver, but what’s just as incredible is that she draws the lace designs on the eggs by hand.

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I’ve concluded that my life is not yet complete, and that’s because I don’t have a cool set of wooden blocks. If you ask me, blocks have gotten a bad rap. People assume they’re just a kids toy, but the fact is blocks are a fun way to avoid work and improve your motor skills, which have been rapidly deteriorating ever since you switched from orange juice to bourbon at breakfast. Plus, they’re a unique decoration for the home or office.

Here are my 5 favorite sets of unique, designy blocks:

1. ShapeMaker blocks from Miller Goodman


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Megan Brain, a Los-Angeles based artist and paper sculptor, has a wonderful portfolio of illustrative, whimsical paper sculptures. Here are a few of my favorites (I’m especially obsessed with the totem pole).

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George Bernard Shaw once said, “First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.” That sums up my first love pretty well. One of my earliest memories was from when I was 4 years old and I was madly in love with Maid Marian, from Disney’s Robin Hood. Sure, she was an anthropomorphic fox whose existence was confined to a VHS tape, but at the time she epitomized beauty to me. I suppose that’s why I like this felted fox hat made by Lithuanian designer Vaiva Nat. It reminds me of simpler times.



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If you’re like me, then leaving your house in the morning is a series of trips going back and forth to pick up all of the things you forget on your way out the door. But these clever sticky notes, called Switch Notes, might make my morning routine a little more efficient. Switch Notes have a hole in the middle so they can fit onto a light switch and remind you of your last minute to-do items on your way out the door.

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One of the cardinal rules of manhood, as we all know, is to never use the word “cute”. Well I’m sorry to offend any of my fellow dudes, but this is one helluva cute tiny teacup ring. Pick one up for your next tea party (or monster truck rally) from the Etsy shop of Romanian seller missbabacilu.


I have been eagerly following the work of London-based artist Dominic Wilcox ever since I happened upon his paintbrush coat hooks a few weeks ago. Dominic’s latest project, Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time, is pretty mind-blowing: He placed tiny figures onto watch hands to create miniature animated scenes. Take a look at the video at the end of this post to see his little characters in action. You can check out more photos of the watch sculptures on Dominic’s Flickr page.

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