I recently came across the Lau’s Ark, the Etsy shop of Laura den Otter, and I’m loving her funky, stylized stuffed animals. I would have traded one my teddy bears in a heartbeat for this little dog! Visit Lau’s Ark to see more stuffed animals or to make a purchase.

Dan the Dog


Gully the Goose


Lizzy the Elephant

Thank you, Fredrik, for telling me about Lau’s Ark!

These stunning embroidered portraits, a collaboration between photographer Richard Burbridge and artist Maurizio Anzeri, are absolutely gorgeous. The photos are wonderful in their own right, but when combined with Anzeri’s modern embroidery, they become electrifying works of art.


anzeri-2.jpg Arrow

I need to get myself a set of these Dress for Dinner necktie napkins. Brilliant idea, don’t you think?


Pick up a package from Stupid.com for $5.95.

A fun little animation of pixelated cameras by Antonio Vicentini and Billy Brown. Play the video at the end of the post!



I’m crazy for fun graphic t-shirts. And I’m nuts for Sriracha. So…yeah, I need this tee!

Available for purchase from I Heart Analogue’s Etsy shop (Note: I Heart Analogue is on vacation until May 26th, so their shop will be closed until then).


The Dead Words is a great project by Karen To in which she, as well as other designers that she invites, reinterprets and rediscovers the meaning of dead words through a variety of styles of lettering. The words she chooses are words that had once been used in the English language but have now fallen out of our every day lexicon and are often omitted from common English dictionaries. By using illustrative lettering like this, Karen is able to weave a story around the meanings of the words in a playful and insightful way.


Lately I’ve been struck with nostalgia and have been playing around with Perler beads. Remember those things? The little plastic beads that you arrange on a pegboard and fuse together with an iron? I ended up going a little overboard this weekend and spent more time making children’s crafts than a grown man is willing to admit. However, it’s a blast so I’m not ashamed of my geekiness.

Here’s a sampling of the things I made. I was particularly proud of the Instagram icon.


I decided to make pixelated versions of famous paintings, so here we have Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.



I’m often in need of a good reality check. And when I think about where things come from (food, products, etc.), that usually does it for me. This minimally animated video by Hardy Seiler wonderfully makes you question our state of consumption and how disconnected we are with where things, particularly foods, come from.