I just started a CMYBacon Flickr group! This will serve as a place for CMYB readers to share photos of the awesome work that they do or neat things they come across in the world. I’ll be hand-picking things from the pool to be featured on CMYBacon. I would love it if lots of people start sharing their work here, then I can do a weekly roundup of all the best things! So head over to Flickr and join the group!


Marin Davide has created a handy “Rule of Thirds” Keychain that would be helpful for any aspiring photographer when composing a shot. Made of transparent acrylic and lasercut with 4×6 proportions and a “thirds” grid, Marin is currently raising money with this project on Indiegogo in order to purchase better photography gear and set up a home studio. So go contribute to this campaign and help out a fellow artist (and get a cool keychain in the process!).



Visit Indiegogo for more information.

Lately, I’ve been suffering from “I Want A Dog-itis”. I often get this feeling but lately it’s been especially strong. Naturally, I’ve been researching breeds, watching cute puppy videos on YouTube, and of course, thinking about what I’ll name my future little pup. I was thinking it would be fun to give it a graphic design-related name, so I came up with a list! Are there any other good ones you can think of?


Cynthia Greig’s work is deceivingly simple, but that’s the point. You look at her pieces and think to yourself, “Ok, it’s just a still life drawing. What’s the big deal?” But upon closer examination you’ll see that these are actually photographs, not drawings.

Greig, a Detroit-based photographer, creates these unique photos by drawing crude outlines and shadows around the objects in the still life. Additionally, most of the objects have been painted so they’re just barely off white, which adds to the “still life drawing” effect. I’ve seen a lot of drawings that try to look like photographs, but this might be the first time I’ve seen photos that try to look like drawings

(Hat tip to Rich S. for telling me about Cynthia’s work. Thanks!)

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Etsy Finds of the Week. Also, I’ve typically done them on Fridays, but I decided to start out this week with some cool finds from over the weekend. Enjoy.

Great Lakes papercut by Marnie Karger  -  $40


Crochet Lego Baby Blanket by Andrea Baker   -  $100


Lawn chair re-webbed with vintage Western belts by kikithespunkymunky  -  $250


Faux Leather Triangle Necklace by Ching  -  $26


Continental (Book) Shelf print by Mike and Karen Arms  -  $30


Camp t-shirt by garbella  -  $24

This typographic print of eraser shavings by W+K is a reminder to learn from your errors, mistakes and failures. Don’t regret them. Love it. Buy this print for $35.



I’ve always had a thing for knives…I guess that’s what happens when you’re the son of a woodcarver. So with that, and my love of typography, it’s no surprise that I’m enamored with this typographic installation made of knives by Farhad Moshiri. The elegant script juxtaposed with a mass of sharp knives is quite striking.




(via Plenty of Colour)

I came across the work of French artist Suzy Lelièvre the other day when I saw her Gravity Dice on Pinterest. Her impressive portfolio has a variety of unique art objects, but I was particularly taken with these distorted tables, which are nearly all warped and twisted beyond any sort of reasonable use.