When I came across this Dala horse rug by Anne Carlquist and Anna Fjällbäck I instantly thought of my dad. He’s a true Dala horse enthusiast. So Dad, this post is for you…and if you have an extra $2,248.75 lying around (yeah, that’s seriously how much it costs) you can order one from the Scandinavian Design Center. For anyone wondering what a Dala horse is, check out DalaHorse.com.



This ongoing project by Ricky Linn is really neat. He’s creating a different animal badge each day for an entire year. I can’t wait to see the finished collection! It would make a great poster. Check out more of Ricky’s great work on his website or on Flickr.

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This striking series of custom typography by Alex Trochut isn’t necessarily new (although it is to me), but it’s really amazing.”Wow” is all I can say… Check out more of Alex’s work on his website or on Behance.

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These Star Wars posters, inspired by mid-century Scandinavian illustration, are the work of a truly talented graphic designer from the Czech Republic named Jan Skácelík. I’m a bit of a nerd and Scandinavian blood courses through my veins, so featuring Jan’s work was a no brainer. His prints can be purchased on Etsy, but unfortunately he hasn’t made a “Return of the Jedi” poster yet. Nonetheless, these are awesome.

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This pixel illustration about GIF files by Tymn Armstrong is a really clever idea.


(Via Dribbble)

Xavier Veilhan’s series called Blind Sculptures is really amazing. The sculptures are three dimensional silhouettes composed of angled slices of the figure, giving it a ghostly appearance that changes depending on the spectator’s point of view.

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For some reason I was thinking about Popeye The Sailor the other day, so I made this illustration about Popeye’s dirty little secret.


(By Martin Refsal)

I stumbled upon this tutorial by BrittLiv for making a pixel trash can and thought it looked like a fun project.



(Via Instructables)