Tomorrow is Easter so I thought it would be fitting to post some decorated eggs. We’ve all been seeing TONS of eggs on blogs and Pinterest lately, but I thought these Pantone Easter eggs by Jessica Jones of the blog How About Orange were particularly clever.

Happy Easter everyone. Don’t eat too many marshmallow Peeps.


Burger King Netherlands has created one of the coolest ads I’ve seen in quite a while. I love how detailed the cheeseburger-inspired eye makeup on this woman is…it’s even got sesame seeds on the bun!


(via The Five)

How incredibly amazing is this pancake quilt made by Ros Cross?! The delicious quilt features pancakes topped with butter and syrup and has a bacon rug to go with it. I think I need to get one of these, pronto.

Hat tip to Anne for sending me this link!


(via The Art of the Quilt)

These surreal ceramic versions of Nissin‘s iconic Cup Noodle soup were designed by Japanese design studio Nendo, which was commissioned by Nissin’s own museum. These distorted versions of the Styrofoam cup are all recognizable as Cup Noodle despite their melted, squashed or bloated shapes. Brings back memories of my college days…




(via FastCo Design)

Brooklyn designers Evan Dublin and Brian Perisco have come together to create a series of “designer weapons”. While they may look like regular pieces of art or furniture, these weapons in disguise can be used to defend yourself from attackers and monsters.

brook-shields.jpg Arrow

If bacon means more to you than your first born, then this Personal Bacon Tracker poster by Flummox Industries is for you. I love the title: “The Bacon Institute for Bacon”. Ha.

Hat tip to Design Milk for telling me about this.



These ghostly paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar are absolutely stunning. The pieces pictured here are hung inside the abbey church of St. Riquier, which perfectly complements the celestial-like appearance of the sculptures.


peter-gentenaar-2.jpg Arrow

I’ve written about Iowa-based snarky t-shirt company, RAYGUN before on CMYBacon. In fact I own any number of their shirts. Well, they’ve done it again: They managed to come up with another topical tee so awesome that I just couldn’t resist posting it. Best part of this, is that I actually did find it on Pinterest. Keep up the good work, RAYGUN!


Buy it for $19