The Republic of Pulau Semakau, a photoseries by Singapore-based photographer Zinkie Aw, explores the terrible environmental impact of Singapore’s (and the world’s) overly-exhausted landfills.


Zinkie says, “In 1999, after having exhausted the landfills on mainland Singapore, Singapore then created a Semakau landfill by enclosing Pulau Semakau and a small adjacent island with a rock bund. In this light, we, could all be considered ‘Founders’ of this reclaimed portion of the island. It has never occurred to us where all these rubbish end up in land-scarce and over-populated Singapore.”

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Ever feel like the internet is inundated with hand printed posters extolling some sort of witty life-altering maxim? Yeah, me too. Well then this poster by Isle of Printing was made just for you: A Pithy Phrase Carefully Printed on Archival Paper. Oh and in case you were wondering, it is printed on archival paper. Pick up this clever poster on Isle of Printing’s Etsy shop for $20.


This Obama 2012 t-shirt, screen printed by Print Liberation, seems like the antithesis of typical presidential campaign tees. And that’s why I desperately want one. Available for purchase from the Print Liberation Store for $19.


Ok, so this might not be the most practical iPhone case around, but it sure is cool. The Candies Skate Deck iPhone Case are 100% (squishy!) and can be purchased for $45 from Opening Ceremony.




I just found my new favorite kitchen accessory: “Made In America” Pans, created by Alisa Toninato of FeLion Studios. She has created cast iron skillets in the shape of all 48 states in the contiguous U.S. (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii). Individually, the pans are beautiful, bespoke creations, but it’s even more impressive to see all 48 assembled together. Visit FeLion Studios for more information or to purchase a pan (or 48).




This is the second edition of my new semi-regular series, Etsy Finds of the Week. It’s a round-up of some of the great items I’ve come across on Etsy over the past 7 days.

Have you seen any amazing items on Etsy that I may have missed? Let me know!


Multi-Color Diamond Painted Hatchet by Cassandra Smith $91


Felted Heart by OnceAgainSam $25


Arrow Necklace by Stacey Foster / NativeShop $15


Collection of Vintage Tin Shovels by Suzanna Scott $225
Collection of Vintage Tin Shovels by Suzanna Scott

Wall Mounted Unicorn Head by Snew $35


Star Wars Droid Schematic Poster 2-Pack by Miles Donovan $25


Book (wine) Club Tote Bag by Sally Beerworth  $14.75

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Anatomy, meet interior design. These anatomically upholstered chairs, created by AK-LH, a Paris-based design company, are part of their “Tante Wera” series of armchairs. Sure beats the plain, brown chair from Ikea sitting in my living room.


If the name in the title of this post sounds familiar, that’s because Norma Refsal is my mom. Forgive my nepotism, but I truly believe she’s made some stunning jewelry. She’s been working with enamel quite a bit recently and I thought that this necklace, inspired by the Google Maps location marker, was particularly clever! This piece, as well as a few others, are for sale on Norma’s Etsy shop. There aren’t a ton of pieces available currently, but there will be more coming soon (hint, hint Mom…).


Buy it on Etsy for $45 Sold!